Refinance Checklist

Transaction Summary

  • Loan Application
  • Executive Summary
  • Use Of Proceeds
  • Copy Of Note
  • Subject Property Photos
  • Pro forma projections (if financials are not available)

Borrower / Buyer Information

  • Personal Financial Statement (link to form below, dated within 30 days for all who own 20% or more of company)
  • Resume
  • Last Three Years Personal Tax Returns
  • Last Three Years Corporate Returns, all companies / affiliates (if you currently own 20% or more of any businesses)
  • Copy of Bank Note To Be Refinance

To pre-qualify for financing, download the following forms and provide the following information:

  1. Loan Application  (pdf)  (Word) or Apply Online
  2. Personal Financial Statement  (pdf)  (Word)
  3. Resume  (pdf)  (Word)
  4. 2015 Year End Business Financials
  5. 2016 Year-To-Date Business Financials

This is a general guideline for documents normally needed depending on the type of financing being applied for.